Art and Photography
If you are looking to make money from your Art related website have a look here and webmasters will find Affiliate and Reseller programs for Art that guarantee that you make money from your website.
Books and Literature
Books are another pretty easy way to make cash on the internet, these affiliate programs make it easy for you to promote products and make cash from their commission based reseller programs.
Clothing and Fashion
Everybody buys clothes, so why not set up your website to sell them? There are a lot of affiliate programs for clothing, shoes, accessories and more to help webmasters make money online. Although clothes are cheap, still commission is their to be made from these programs.
Dating and Matchmaking
Love is in the air, but cash could be in your pocket too! Dating offers some of the best affiliate programs and offer a great percentage and payouts. These sites are a main source of income for many webmasters, why not get in on the act?
Food and Drink
Online supermarkets and malls, rare foods, the internet is a tasty dish and you can be the waiter getting a hefty tip along the way. Food offers a great way for webmasters to make money on your website by advertising food and drink affiliae programs.
Games nad Gaming
New games = new income. There are always new games around as well as the popular old ones. Reseller and Affiliate programs for Games can help you make cash from your website by advertising their goods online.
Health and Beauty
Health is big business, especially in the west, and more of it is transferring onto the internet. There are many reseller programs for both health and beauty offering a good percentage and commission to webmasters for advertising on their website.
Movies and DVD
Movies are probably one of the easiest and quickest ways to make money on the internet. You can make some too if you plan your website with the right affiliate. Maybe not the best affiliate programs but they still offer an opportunity to make cash.
Online Security
People want privacy and will pay for it. Computer programs and online home security are good products to become a reseller in. On almost any website you could be advertising security programs, and most offer good payouts.
Travel and Hotels
Travel is a difficult business to get into on the internet, but these reseller programs make it easy for you to promote their goods and get a percentage for your work with good commission payouts, an excellent opportunity to make money from your website.
Automotive and Cars
Automotive goods are money makers if you can get the right affiliate program. As you can imagine, Auto products are expensive and so the percentage you make is great.
Careers and Jobs
Consultant companies, job markets. Everybody needs a job and many need help to get one or a service to help them progress. Online companies will pay you to promote them by advertising so you can make cash from your website.
Office and Computers
Computer games, electronics and software companies usually pay quite a good percentage for affiliates helping to sell their products. Your website can gain good payouts from a program or two. There are also office supplies and computer accessories to advertise aswell.
Online education is getting ever more popular. Now education course and product firms are letting webmasters earn money from educational affiliate programs. Again not the best affiliate programs but some do offer commission and payouts of a very good structure.
Finance, Loans and Credit Cards
Credit cards, financial services. The bank is being left behind with more people using the internet to help solve their credit problems or gain a credit card, so why not start trying to make money from your website by becoming an affiliate in this area.
Gifts for her, gifts for him and gifts for you if you choose one of these reseller programs for your website. Good commission and percentage statistics here, and excellent payouts to good affiliates.
Home and Garden
Home and Garden related companies offer quite goods reseller payouts for goods bought through your website. Any product you could imagine for your home or garden is available to buy giving you every chance to make cash from your website.
Shops and Shopping
Online shops are growing in numbers and make it very simple for people to become a reseller for them. Very good money earners here, although offering a small percentage commission, these are still generally good programs which every chance to make cash.
Telephones, Mobiles and more - These online companies give good a percentage with good relations for affiliates who sell and start advertising for them. Some of the best affiliate programs in this category for you to advertise.
Web Services and Email
Web services are from cheap to very expensive and are commonly sold very regularly to the right market online. Good statistics and commissions here and a real chance for any webmaster to make money. Many email programs are also available for you to advertise.